BASE 11 VSD TD 270

Цена 5910 EUR (Без PVN)

Motor  – 11 kW

Flow – 1.48 m3/min

Pressure – 5 – 10 bar

Advantages of the BASE compressor series:

  • Direct-driven compressor stage for high economic efficiency
  • Permanent magnet motor (IE4) for excellent efficiency
  • Speed ​​control to adapt to actual consumption
  • Modern, advanced touchscreen control
  • Low noise
  • Robust, durable construction for a long life
  • As TD with attached refrigerant dryer and pre- or post-filters

Integrated filters

  • With the integrated filters, pre- and post-filters, you are assured of high quality compressed air where oil and moisture are a thing of the past.
  • Compressed air in accordance with ISO 8573-2010 class 1.4.2

Superior quality

  • Standard 2 year full warranty*

Short description

Base 11 TD version, with refrigeration dryer, filters and compressor mounted on the boiler, you only need a power supply and the connection to the compressed air network. The compressor is immediately ready for use.

The Base series is equipped with VSD (Variable Speed ​​Drive) technology and automatically adjusts the speed of its drive motor to the demand for compressed air.

With energy savings of up to 30%, this compressor is also an environmentally conscious choice.